Thursday, March 19, 2015

Act 3

He woke up to rain today. Washing the windows. He got up and switched on the lights. The monsters had left. Maybe.
Rain was screaming, as if letting him know of its presence.
He puffed one out at the mirror and it spread. Just like his thoughts. One thought when hits the roadblock spreads into millions. 
He picked up the script.
I hope they abandon me. I hope they don't want me back. Monsters are creeping every second. 


Tonight he took the fight to his own wooden backyard 
He stood there alone 
There were no audience 
Neither there was a mirror 
There were but an empty set of chairs
He was all by himself 
He knew the monsters would come 
And he waited 
Until they came 
They gripped his body 
Making it impossible for him to move 
Tonight he fought back 
With all his strength 
With all his will 
He looked them into their eyes 
Tonight there was no fear 
Tonight there was one monster fighting another 
he choked the lives out of them 
Tonight he had finally won 
The monsters were gone 
And He stood there alone 
On his wooden backyard 


He was right there. His soul into the heart of storm and his body facing nothing but empty chairs. It was a strange act. Never before he stood before no one.  
He had a mirror back home for company. Not anymore. He shattered it just before he left. 
It was a long walk. The stairs were broken and railing rusted. He couldn't hold them. They were too right for him. 
How can someone end a story with a scream? He thought  
You can start a story with a scream but you can't end it with one.
It must have been a writer's block, just like  when actor's go blank. Pity. 
He stepped on the wooden plank. There were no curtains and no spotlights tonight, just him.
Never before he had felt this fear. 
"Writer hasn't written off the monsters yet", he thought. 
He didn't carry the script with him. How difficult it would be to scream. As easy as shattering a mirror?


His feet were cold
And whatever left on his right was even colder.
He wanted to sleep before the sun rises;
At least tonight. 
He longed for sleep and hoped his entire left didn't wake up; 
At least tonight.
Some part of him wanted him to sleep.But the other was right.
There were Chirps and melodies to his left 
And Metal and chaos to his right 
He had to choose.
Between left and right.
Instead he had questions 


You hate her? 
No I don't, I always loved her 
Did she ? Said the voice 
"I don't know. The script says nothing about it. It only says I fell in love with her". He said. 
"She must have loved u. That's the sole reason she is mentioned in the script". Said the voice.
"Or may be she didn't. And the only reason this part is written because it was her love which turned me into this".
Turned u into what?
You don't see guys talking to a mirror every day. Do you ??


Stick your knife into my heart and claim your victory
See me bleed to death ... Gasping for air
In your defense tell them....
Tell them I didn't love you
Tell them u had reason to kill 
Tell them your knife was righteous
Tell them I had a heart of man
And U had to break it..soften it
So that its easier to Pierce
Tell them its your perfect kill..
Claim it as your prize.


I hope someday it will all fade away
There will be no more memories 
All that we were will have no lights 
Our faces will be lost in our minds 
All the words we said will not echo anymore
I hope we live long with one person less and a feeling lost
I hope someday we will walk past as perfect strangers
And I hope against hope
That day never comes or comes soon