Thursday, March 19, 2015


He was right there. His soul into the heart of storm and his body facing nothing but empty chairs. It was a strange act. Never before he stood before no one.  
He had a mirror back home for company. Not anymore. He shattered it just before he left. 
It was a long walk. The stairs were broken and railing rusted. He couldn't hold them. They were too right for him. 
How can someone end a story with a scream? He thought  
You can start a story with a scream but you can't end it with one.
It must have been a writer's block, just like  when actor's go blank. Pity. 
He stepped on the wooden plank. There were no curtains and no spotlights tonight, just him.
Never before he had felt this fear. 
"Writer hasn't written off the monsters yet", he thought. 
He didn't carry the script with him. How difficult it would be to scream. As easy as shattering a mirror?

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